Welcome to Blue Stone Farm!

We offer a wide variety of delicious sustainably grown produce to residents of the Kalamazoo area, both through membership in our CSA program and at our table at the Texas Township Farmers’ Market

Work at Blue Stone Farm!

We are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown!  CNG means we do not use pesticides or herbicides, but follow ecological agricultural practices that build the healthy soil community where we grow our nutrient-dense vegetables.  We live up to the same standards as certified organic producers, but instead of being verified through the federal government, we participate in a grassroots network of local CNG small farmers that inspect and support each other.  Learn more about this great organization in this video:

Our environmental stewardship is also verified through the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development’s MAEAP program.  This helps ensure that we follow best practices regarding soil, water and air quality for our farm and surrounding community.


No-Till-Horizontal-color.pngWe follow the practices of no-till growing.  These are based on the emerging understanding of the microscopic soil ecosystem – where photosynthesizing plants’ roots exude sugars to feed soil microbes, who in turn feed the plants with nutrients.  We seek to foster this unseen living community by maximizing soil health and minimizing soil disturbance (such as tilling).